The Route                       Return

From Brussels: To take the E40/A3 while following the panelLiege-Luik 

From Liege: To join the E25/A 25 while following the panel Maastricht 

To leave while following the panel Haccourt-Visé 

To enter Visé

To continue on 250 m

To continue street de la Fontaine [390m]

To take on the left : Avenue Albert 1er [51m]

To continue: street de Berneau (N608) [960m]

To continue panel Visé and continue on  N608 [3.1km]

via Berneau

To enter  Warsage

To continue street Joseph Muller (N608) [1.1km]

To take on the left [250m]

To continuer  Thier Saive [520m]

To leave Warsage and to continue on Thier Saive [760m]

To continue on Chemin du Bois du Roi [350m]

2 Chemin du Bois du Roi Warsage (Belgique)