Neighbourhoods, visits and relaxation

Place of interest of Blegny Mine.

American cemetery of Henri-Chapelle,  memorial museum, superb sight of the Country of Herve.

Site of the Abbey of Val-Dieu. Visit the  Abbey,  

Artisanal brewery in Hombourg "le Grain d'Orge"

Aubel and its Sunday market, cider, syrup (visit artisanal siropery), pork-butchery, breeding of snails (visit and tasting)

Site of the Three Terminals, panoramic turn round Gemmenich.

Subtropical swimming pool in Gulpen.

Walk on the line 38: old arranged railway forming part of the "Ravel", and crossing all the "country of Herve".

In Moresnet: the park of the "Calvary" and the impressive viaduct.

"Barrage of the Gilleppe and its famous Lion

Fairy Tales Amusement Park in Valkenburg.

Towns of Liege, Tongres, Maastricht, Aachen, Eupen, Verviers.

Dalhem féria : The Bandas 

Bon séjour -  Les Gîtes du Bois du Roi